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Please try not to look at one slice of Rachel's journey and come to broad conclusions.Rachel's health is and always has been my main concern and her journey to good health has not yet ended!He found his current career path after college, becoming a certified fitness instructor.Moving to Los Angeles in the early 1990s, Harper soon developed a celebrity clientele.Dating is complicated enough without the additional guilt, time constraints and emotional tug-of-war that can occur when divorced or separated parents venture back into the singles scene.It's such a difficult task for some moms and dads that they simply choose not to do so.Born on August 18, 1965, in Nashville, Tennessee, Bob Harper was raised on a cattle farm before he discovered his passion for fitness after college, and moved to Los Angeles.

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But is the fitness guru refusing to set a wedding date until fiancée Heidi Rhoades signs a prenup?

More: Past Winners Weigh In on Rachel Frederickson Controversy Frederickson started the show at 260 pounds, and dropped 155 pounds for the win. I mean, we've never had a contestant come in at 105 pounds.” He continued, "What people don't understand is, when the contestants leave to go home… So, I had not seen her until that night, and when she walked out, I was just kind of like, whoa.

At the finale, she looked gaunt at only 105 pounds, leaving some to wonder if she had gone too far. Tom Arnold Reveals Drastic Weight Loss After telling fans on Twitter that he wasn't comfortable commenting on the issue, Bob admitted during an interview on Rachael Ray’s show that he was in shock when Frederickson took the stage. And I’ve been on the show since the beginning, forever." Rachel’s trainer, Dolvett Quince, weighed in on his Facebook page earlier this week, explaining, "Last night's ‘Biggest Loser’ finale has sparked a huge reaction and I do not want the day to end without addressing it.”He added, "’Biggest Loser’ is a journey which has its ups and downs.

"I recently had a meeting with a television executive who asked if people hire me just to scream at them.

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I'm like, 'Do you think I'm not actually a trainer?' I am extremely appreciative of the In reality, Jillian is self-aware and introspective, thanks in part to having been in therapy since the age of 5 and having a close relationship with her mom, Jo Ann Mc Karus, a psychotherapist in her 60s. OK, cool." While growing up, Jillian struggled with her parents' divorce, rebelling and eventually leaving her mom's home to live with her dad. After Jillian left home for the second time, Jo Ann agreed to pay Jillian's rent for a year, and for her therapy and health insurance, as long as her daughter went to school and got a job.

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