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Drinking → ^simple truth vapor distilled water w electrolytes052. Waiting for → the world to receive me gifts---YOUR FUTURE:058. The only thing I know for sure is I am someones best CEO ---WHAT DO YOU PREFER FROM A BOY/GIRL (I like bois)068. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → I was never ruled by consequence or the past, until I realized I am amazing so I am happy that I will reach the top soon GOOD NEWS??

Plans for today → ambitions are missin I got no intentions of gettin off my ass did i mention im content where im sitting055. Careers in mind → Andriod developer , comedian, ghost rap writer, web developer, wrestling costume designer,..... Ran away from home → I run but get tired and go back084. Is there one person you want to be with right now → my dad he's deceased098.

High School → 8th grade drop out now senior in college 2 bachelor degree programs009.

"They said these might have application against the yahg, too." Instead of hands, the suits had claw-like pinchers, like the mining mech. Eyes have a , similar to Terran felines, which gives them exceptional night vision. They are, by outsiders' standards, a little involved, i'm afraid.Sandy Allnutt is the team leader and lead listing agent.Sandy has been licensed for almost twenty years has a degree in Real Estate from EKU and she began her career in the appraisal field.The suits did not move at a slow and robotic pace, either; they responded to their wearer's movements, more like an extension of the cat-like agility and speed of a quarian than something external to them. "I'm told they have shoulder-mounted cannons based on Collector beam weapons. Forearms have regular mass-effect projectile guns that emerge on command." He patted Eli on one armored shoulder.

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The quarians' bodies and fragile suits were completely encased in hard suit plating and metal, and they had heavy shields, as well. "Increases their size and effective strength, they each become a heavy weapons platform, and they can run almost as fast as a turian in one of those." Aluminum chloride, instead of Na Cl is the salt-type in their blood.1967 ildə Orifleym şirkəti af Yoknik qardaşları və onların dostu tərəfindən yaradılmışdır. Currently Britain’s train tracks are owned by Network Rail while trains are controlled by completely separate companies.