Dating black man kids dating single mom with kids

10-Aug-2017 13:11

Before I get started I don't date Hispanic men very often most of the time I date white guys, I have never dated a black man before most of my friends(who are also Latinas) date black men almost exclusively and tell me I should date one so my question is what is it like to date black men? Anyway, if you want a good experience with a Black guy, meet him at a college. By thug-types, I mean the ones that put on an "act" to look super-cool. Going over homework everyday, knowing how to teach their homework, knowing how to gauge the child's understanding.

They're thug-types and doesn't have the wherewithal to invest in their education, extra-curricula activities, earnest father-talk how to be a Man (if the children are boys).

Thug-types are just lacking in that aspect of being a Father. White girls have no problem finding them but those brothers are actually looking for them more so, and it's easier for these White girls to find those good brothers quicker than the Black women of their own Race. Ignore the hate that is sure to come from Ghetto Hoodrat chichen headed Sistaz.

He was still a person, and I would feel bad if I didn’t give him a chance just because he had a kid. However, I learned there was another child later on, an infant only six months old.

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