Hepatitis c singles dating

05-Sep-2017 07:18

This discussion about telling your date you have Hepatitis C is intended to help you determine where that line is and how to approach it.Although there are several dating sites that seek to match up the Hepatitis C community, a majority of people will meet elsewhere.Many people with HCV will go undiagnosed for years or even decades.That’s because HCV causes few to no symptoms until its effects become more severe.After you’ve come to terms with your diagnosis and started treatment, you may begin settling into your new routine.This includes going to school or work, spending time with family, and getting back out on the social scene. You may feel like it’ll be even more difficult if you have the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Keep reading to learn more about how to navigate the dating scene when you have HCV. This infection leads to inflammation in the early phases and ultimately to liver damage.

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