Katherine moennig dating francesca gregorini

20-Jan-2018 02:26

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Her younger brother Gianni entered the business world following his father footsteps and she followed her mother and entered the entertainment world.

It followed a group of lesbian (and bisexual and transgender) friends who hang out together at a queer-friendly coffee shop in Los Angeles.Following her separation with her former lover Kelly, she began getting cozy with Nelle Porter on Ally fame Portia de Rossi.The couple even exchanged the ring however their journey could not reach the marriage and after spending four lovely years together, the couple decided to part away.Born as Countess Francesca Mc Knight Donatella Romana Gregorini di Savignano di Romagna, an Italian-American writer and director is widely recognized as Francesca Gregorini among her fans and American entertainment world.

Francesca was born on August 7, 1968 in Rome, Italy.

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