Opinions on mandating hpv vaccine

06-Dec-2017 07:22

This test has high specificity, but low sensitivity and so erroneous results are not uncommon [].Furthermore, not all women worldwide have had access to the test – especially in developing countries, but also in developed countries – so it has not been effective at a global level.Each state decides which vaccinations to require for children attending school in the state (only North Carolina requires that home-schooled children be vaccinated). Right now, most people—however ill-informed their opinion might be—don't want this vaccine to be mandatory.All but two states allow religious exemptions for the required vaccinations and many states allow a "personal belief" exemption. As Laura Bassett pointed out in the Huffington Post article you referenced, "not a single demographic—men, women, Democrats or Independents—would support the mandate." Vaccination is already in enough trouble.

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These decisions are shaped by: financial considerations; social norms and values relating to sexual activity, and; trust in vaccination programmes and healthcare providers.

Parents may decide not to allow their daughters to be vaccinated, based on cultural or religious perceptions about sexual activity.

Barriers to the uptake of the HPV vaccine have implications for young women’s future sexual, physical and reproductive health.

Vaccination against Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is recommended for adolescent young women prior to sexual debut to reduce cervical cancer related mortality and morbidity.

Understanding factors affecting decision-making of HPV vaccination of young women is important so that effective interventions can be developed which address barriers to uptake in population groups less likely to receive the HPV vaccine. If the majority of people don't want their state governments to mandate HPV vaccines, then their state governments shouldn't do it.

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