Texas dating law for minors

27-Aug-2017 19:52

The Texas Penal Code that you are able and about to do it, you can be charged with assault.Simply poking someone in the chest with your finger can be considered assault. The police may arrest you on assault charges after an argument if they are called by neighbors, or just happen to be nearby.In many cases, the police may arrest you with very little evidence if they feel you are being belligerent or difficult.That doesn’t mean you committed a crime, however, and you should seriously consider fighting the charges to keep your record clean.A lot of clients think that joint managing conservatorship (JMC) is the same as "joint custody" or a 50/50 split of time with the children.Actually, JMC is more of a title, and does not affect the amount of time either parent spends with a child.Otherwise, the officer has to issue a notice to appear in court or write a complaint and seek an arrest warrant.

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JMC simply means that the rights that were exclusive to the sole managing conservator under the old scenario can now be made (1) exclusive to one parent, (2) joint (meaning that both parents need to agree before a particular decision can be made for the child), or (3) independent (meaning that either parent can make a particular decision for the child, without the consent of the other parent).

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