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21-Jan-2018 08:07

This can increase safety and fishability for your own personal application and locations and the data you collect becomes generic data so no one can track you to your spot.You can benefit from the entire Navionics community as well.

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The screen is one of the best factors about this impressive little unit.Able to show 3D imaging as well as 2D, The HDS 7 gen2 boasts a split screen capability alongside a 480 x 640 pixel resolution that shows high levels of detail and makes viewing what is below your boat incredibly simple.The screen is also 6.4 inches corner to corner with fantastic lighting, making what is visible on screen easily viewable even in the most dramatic of light changes.Have to admit I'm slightly confused between the info from a chandler who says just hand in the old chip and he'll send it away etc, and the alterternative on the Navonics site ( link from Raymarine) who seem to be suggesting transferring the maps from a MSD card to the Raymarine's CF card.

I got a new update cartridge for my C80 last January from Navionics.

The Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 is one of the premium products out on the market in fish finders and with good reason.